Tips for Cloud Chasing (Making Bigger Clouds)

Cloud chasing is becoming more and more popular in our world today as a means for people to practice their vaping techniques in exchange for big prizes. With thousands of people participating in cloud chasing events each year, it’s safe to say that competition can be pretty tight especially if you’re just new to the game. If you want to improve your cloud chasing technique and stand out during those competitions, make sure you polish up on your skills with these top cloud chasing tips.

Top Cloud Chasing Tips

  1. Empty Your Lungs – If you have more room for smoke in your lungs, you’ll be able to produce much bigger clouds of smoke. It’s pretty much a no brainer. Before you inhale on your cloud chasing build, make sure you empty your lungs as much as you can. This gives you a much larger lung capacity, perfect for drawing in as much smoke as you can from your vape. This one of the basic principles for producing large clouds of smoke and is actually what puts a lot of other people at an advantage. Those who run or swim are more likely to have a larger lung capacity, giving them an edge in the world of competitive vaping.

  2. Exhale Into Your RDA – When you reach the end of your exhale, blow the last remaining lung air into your RDA. This will allow you to see whether or not there is smoke in there already and will prep both you and your build for the next big inhale. During this phase, you might also want to arch your back forward a little bit so you can push out whatever’s left in your lungs all the way out.

  3. Inhale as Long as You Can – Star inhaling and let as much vapor into your lungs as you can. Don’t try to inhale to fast as this could decrease your lung capacity. Take it slow and make sure you’re comfortable with the rate at which you’re going to prolong the inhale for as long as you can manage. You can also start to straighten out your back at this point to give your lungs extra room to expand.

  4. Exhale and Work Your Lips – Once you start to exhale, push out your jaws to allow your throat to expand and expel air. When you feel like you’re almost out of breath, you should purse your lips together abruptly to push out any remaining smoke and cause the cloud to form into a plume instead of a mist.

  5. Good Vape Liquid – One big factor is the vape juice you use. A 100% VG ratio will produce the best clouds. A good second option in 70/30. That is 70% vg and 30% pg. VapeCraft, has affordable and good vape liquid.

You can learn more about pg and vg ratios and what the different ratios do here.